The Tuneables is an award-winning children's music education DVD and CD series designed to teach the key building blocks of music at a critical time in a child's development.  Sponsored by the Music Intelligence Project, this fun, interactive program engages children in songs and activities that provide a foundation of music understanding and growth in intellectual development. Ages 3-8.

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To help prepare your child for active music instruction and learning, play recordings of music by Mozart and others as a background for other activities and rest time when the child is very young.

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Picture of kids playing instrumentsThe Music Intelligence Project (MIP) has evolved from the careers of music educators dedicated to understanding that music learning is beneficial to young children and is most effective when begun at an early age. Their ideas and experiences form the groundwork to bring together a group of musicians, educators, researchers, and creative professionals to support the design and development of the best available products for educating preschool children in music. These products are grounded in years of teaching experience, proven techniques and materials, and insights gained from research on music teaching and learning and from recent advances in the understanding of brain development as a function of music learning.

The underlying philosophy of MIP is to engage children in an active learning experience that is carefully sequenced to provide age appropriate challenges.  MIP focuses on four core segments of music learning:

  • Understanding tonal and rhythm patterns in music
  • Developing the singing voice 
  • Acquiring listening skills
  • Learning a basic repertoire of music


Our carefully designed approach translates into quick and effective learning thereby providing for long-term musical and intellectual growth.

MIP products are designed for use in the home or classroom through  CD’s, DVD’s and interactive computer experiences.  They engage children in fun and exciting music activities that guide them through carefully sequenced musical skills and concepts.  MIP also recognizes the role of adults in the success of children’s learning.   We offer tips, guidelines, and other forms of support to parents and teachers that will enhance the child’s overall experience.