The Tuneables is an award-winning children's music education DVD and CD series designed to teach the key building blocks of music at a critical time in a child's development.  Sponsored by the Music Intelligence Project, this fun, interactive program engages children in songs and activities that provide a foundation of music understanding and growth in intellectual development. Ages 3-8.

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To help prepare your child for active music instruction and learning, play recordings of music by Mozart and others as a background for other activities and rest time when the child is very young.

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Our philosophy is based on the belief that all children can benefit from music learning at a young age.  This is best when children are engaged in active learning experiences versus passive experiences, and these activities are carefully sequenced and age appropriate.

We primarily focus on four core segments of learning:
1.  Understanding tonal and rhythm patterns in music
2.  Developing the singing voice
3.  Acquiring listening skills
4.  Learning a basic repertoire of music

MIP strives to provide instructional programming that is easily accessed by children and parents, which provides the foundation for specialized or advanced music learning.