The Tuneables is an award-winning children's music education DVD and CD series designed to teach the key building blocks of music at a critical time in a child's development.  Sponsored by the Music Intelligence Project, this fun, interactive program engages children in songs and activities that provide a foundation of music understanding and growth in intellectual development. Ages 3-8.

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To help prepare your child for active music instruction and learning, play recordings of music by Mozart and others as a background for other activities and rest time when the child is very young.

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Music Intelligence Project and Music Education Supporters Contribute to Washington Post Write Up on the Importance of Music Education

The Music Intelligence Project recently contributed along with numerous companies and organizations that support school music education programs to create an eight-page editorial supplement for the Washington Post highlighting the many proven academic, social and wellness benefits for kids and teens who play music.

The supplement was included in the Sept. 21, 2011, issue of the Washington post and was distributed to more than two million people. 

Our experts, Drs. Robert and Patsy Johnson provided the article on "Tools for Teaching Young Children ABout Music" on page 6.

Additional highlights of the piece included: 

  • Research studies that prove children benefit academically by playing music
  • Information about how to get involved in SupportMusic Coalition, which supports music education advocacy on a grassroots-level across the nation 
  • Gallup poll results outlining people's positive attitudes toward the importance of school music education programs and their belief in the long-term creative and social benefits of music education programs for kids and teens
  • Research on how school music education programs foster creativity, innovation and critical thinking
  • A Q&A with Ron Manus, the CEO of Alfred Music Publishing, highlighting why music education is important, what is being done to advance the cause and how people can get involved
  • An article featuring musician Jason Mraz's dedication to school music education programs
  • Tips and tools for teaching young children about music contributed by Music Intelligence Project
  • An article highlighting Barry Manilow's commitment to school music education
  • An inspirational story about how a mute child finds his voice by learning to play guitar
  • The top 25 things people can do to keep music in schools.

To view the supplement in its entirety, click on the attachment below.


Posted by Jill Todd on 22 September 2011

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