The Tuneables is an award-winning children's music education DVD and CD series designed to teach the key building blocks of music at a critical time in a child's development.  Sponsored by the Music Intelligence Project, this fun, interactive program engages children in songs and activities that provide a foundation of music understanding and growth in intellectual development. Ages 3-8.

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To help prepare your child for active music instruction and learning, play recordings of music by Mozart and others as a background for other activities and rest time when the child is very young.

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Does Music Make Young Children Smarter?

Engaging young children in music experiences can have a strongly positive influence on their intellectual development. But you have to be smart about choosing what experiences produce the best result. The key consideration is to make sure the children are actively involved—focused listening, singing, moving rhythmically, playing simple instruments, and forming musical concepts—all with the aim of producing a musical result and knowing that it happened.

The research shows that this multi-sensory and multi-cognitive engagement is what makes you smarter. This means that music programs for young children should actively engage children in musical activities that go beyond passive listening or observing.

Parents can be smart about their young children’s music instruction by choosing instructional materials and programs that are carefully sequenced to provide age-appropriate challenges for music learning and musical skills development. Such experiences provide the foundation for continued intellectual development in music and other cognitive areas.

Posted by Robert Johnson on 22 April 2010

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